About us

Fondazione Salvatore is a non-profit organisation set up in 2015 with the aim of promoting, developing and diffusing culture in all its forms. The main action of Fondazione Salvatore is centred on Naples and the South, even if the interest extends to all the cultural initiatives that may involve southern Italy. The action is aimed at raising awareness of the problems affecting these regions, with analysis and reflections on possible future scenarios and on any actions that may somehow reduce the gap between the regions of Northern Italy and the rest of Europe.
Fondazione Salvatore was the main promoter of Il Sabato delle Idee (www.ilsabatodelleidee.com), a project incubator which, by combining within a single idea the most prestigious Academic, Scientific and Cultural Institutions of the city of Naples, first of all the University of Naples Federico II and the University of Suor Orsola Benincasa, has seen, in its intense and continuous program of meetings, the alternation of illustrious personalities from the world of politics and national and international culture such as Jacques Attalì, Josè Manuel Barroso, Romano Prodi, Mario Monti etc., during their assignments, to name just a few. In addition to these analysis and reflection activities, Fondazione Salvatore has promoted the annual awarding, since 2004, of scholarships for deserving young students from the South in order to support them in their academic career.
Prizes have also been awarded and training courses set up, such as the photographic ones directed by the teacher Fabio Donato.

“I would like to start the growth of a development model that is not simply aligned with the rest of the country and Europe, but becomes a model that, obviously relating to a wider and now global context, exploits the intelligence, skills and resources that this our South has always nurtured and preserved. We must think, or rather, rethink of the SOUTH as the centre of the social, economic and cultural revitalisation of our country. In order for this to be possible, it is firstly essential to renounce welfare logics. Enhancing our specificities, art, culture, craftsmanship, our scientific rigour, our aesthetic creativity and our manual skills, we must focus everything on our human capital, YOUTH, and their ability to attract young people from others latitudes, thanks to the natural ability that they themselves have of creating networks, networking and working together M.S.”

Marco Salvatore